Why Unikat?

  • 1.It is the only way how every customer gets a perfect frame.

    You can respond to the individual needs and wants of your customers. Perfect style – perfect color – perfect fitting – perfect size.

  • 2.You can show your competencies.

    You have the training and experience to adjust frames perfectly. With our software, which is simple to use, you´ll get the possibility to deploy your competencies in an entirely new way. This is a real differentiating feature from competition.

  • 3.The initial investment is extremely low.

    Using our software and the training is free of charge. Furthermore we offer you our starter kit with color examples, nose fitters, advertising material and a manual for a fee of 299,90 € plus taxes. You only need a standard computer, a common internet connection, and a digital camera (even the use of older devices normally should work).

  • 4.There´s no risk involved.

    If the customer doesn´t like the frame, you can return it to us. Except the postal charges there are no further costs for you.

  • 5.You increase your cash flow by reducing your inventory.

    And don´t forget the risk. The purchase of frames is like gambling; you can´t know today, what your customers want to buy the next week. Unikat eliminates that risk.

    Let´s go:

    Open an account for free and without any commitments, get even more interesting information and design your first frame right now.

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